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The Association

The Association was formed in 1978, it is an association of members of the Garda Síochána of Garda Rank which is established under the provisions of the Garda Síochána Act, 2005.

Section 18 of the Garda Síochána Act, 2005 makes it unlawful for a member of the Force of Garda Rank to become a member of any trade union or association other than the Garda Representative Association of which the objects or one of the objects is to control or influence the pay, pensions and conditions of employment of any police force.

The GRA, therefore, is the professional Association established to meet the needs of its members in these and other areas.

The GRA is organised at District, Divisional and National levels with committees and officers elected every four years by the democratic vote of its members. It is funded by subscriptions paid by its members at the rate of 0.60% of basic salary.

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) is comprised of one elected member from each Garda Division. The President and Vice President of the Association are elected every two years. The Associations Headquarters are located at Floor 5, Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7.


The mission of the Garda Representative Association is to defend and promote members’ interests, with due regard for public wellbeing and the Garda oath to protect and serve. We negotiate and advocate for members of Garda rank in respect of policy, garda welfare and pay, terms & conditions. We also provide member services of relevance and value.


The Garda Representative Association’s vision is of a world-class police service enabled by dignity and fairness for our members. We believe that to maintain public safety and security and support social cohesion; our members should be part of a well-equipped, well-trained organisation, visible in the community and representative of the diversity of Irish society.


The Association’s activity is guided by the ethos that collectively we can achieve more than we can individually. We subscribe to organisational best-practice in democracy, transparency, governance and member support; while observing exemplary standards of personal and corporate conduct.