Schemes Overview

Schemes Overview

by GRA

All members of the association are entitled to:

  • An efficient and reliable information service with advice and support in relation to professional matters.
  • Representations at local level in relation to discipline, rosters, transfers and welfare etc.
  • Representation at National level up to and including the Government on every issue affecting the pay, pensions, welfare and working conditions of our members.
  • Representation on St Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society and on the Garda Benevolent Trust Fund Ltd.
  • Review Body – the GRA is represented by a member of the CEC on the Review Body which considers appeals against transfers.
  • Appeals Board – the GRA is also represented by a member of the CEC on the Appeals Board established under the Garda Discipline Regulations.
  • Legal Assistance Scheme – legal advice. The Association now offers a choice of ten firms of Solicitors. The Association will continue to finance appropriate cases for legal assistance in accordance with the terms of the Scheme.
  • GRA Travel Plan – Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
  • Participation in specially negotiated Group Protection Schemes:

– Garda Siochana Members Life Assurance Scheme; (Note: Trainee Gardaí get free cover of €30,000 for first 32 weeks increasing to €60,000 for next 32 weeks)

– Spouse/Partner Life Assurance Scheme;

– Children’s Life Assurance Scheme;

– Critical Illness Scheme; (Note: Trainee Gardaí get free cover of €25,000 for first 64 weeks)

– Salary Protection Scheme;

– Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Scheme

– Household Insurance Scheme

– Travel Insurance Scheme

– Income Protection

– Household

Important Note: you must be a member of the Association or equivalent Association for other ranks to avail of the above schemes

  • Trainee Gardai – Life Assurance as a benefit of €30,000 for the first 32 weeks of training, increasing to €60,000 for the next 32 weeks at no cost to the member
  • Trainee Gardai – Critical Illness cover for a benefit of €42,500 for the first 64 weeks at no cost to the member
  • GRA Illness/Injury Scheme – €75.00 per week for a 13 week period after an excess period of five weeks in respect of absences through illness and in respect of injury only where there is no 3rd party involved. This scheme is funded from Association’s funds.
  • Copies of the Association’s Information Bulletins.