Midland Rosters Ballot

Midlands Rosters Ballot

Dear Member,
Over the past three weeks, members of the Garda Representative Association have been voting on whether to accept the Proposed Midlands Working Time Agreement 2024 and I am happy to reveal that the result of the Ballot is as follows:
Votes In Favour: 2,924 (79.31%)
Votes Against: 763 (20.69%)
The number of valid ballot papers returned was 3,687.
As General Secretary, I am delighted that this Ballot has been passed and I wish to thank our Negotiating team as well as everyone who took the time to vote. This proposal largely mirrors the Roster proposal put forward by the GRA and it had been endorsed by both our Central Executive Committee and the Delegates at our Annual Conference last month.
This proposal followed almost four years of intense negotiations, and we believe that this agreement will now provide more predictability for members' work/life balance while ensuring that the working conditions and protections of all members are enhanced and secured into the future.
Ronan Slevin

General Secretary